Barnboard Design

makers of fine heritage art



Antique and vintage pieces of old ontario mounted on circa 1870's barnboard.

Antique-ly Ontario: pieces of the past mounted on beautiful 1870s barnboard and hand framed. These artworks combine locally found antiques with reclaimed heritage barn board to create unique pieces.
The works feature antique tools, signage, and objects of interest that respond to a nostalgia, and honour craftsmanship of the people who built this province.

On display
June 19-29

Opening reception:
June 20 from 5-9pm

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Past Exhibitions:

  • June 2-16, 2018

    Fibreworks 12

    Fibreworks 12

    An exhibition of contemporary fibre art by Hillcrest Fibreworks.

    June 2-16

    Opening Reception:
    Sunday June 3

  • April 29 - May 21, 2018

    Shlomo Israeli

    SHLOMO ISRAELI  שלמה ישראלי

    April 29 - May 21
    Opening Reception April 29 2-5pm

    A musicologist, jazzman, and artistic photographer, Shlomo Israeli visits us from Israel to present an exhibition of photographs.

    In my photographic work I try to explore what the eye usually ignores, which is not illuminated and what is seen as a passing moment had gone.
    The many years I have been in music permeated the artworks. Very few derive from music or musical instruments - but complexity, flow and mystery that I love in music find their way in all them.

    בעבודת הצילום אני מנסה לחקור את מה שהעין מתעלמת ממנו  בדרך כלל, מה שאינו מואר ומה שנתפס כרגע חולף שהיה ואיננו.
    השנים הרבות שבהן אני עוסק במוזיקה מחלחלות אל תוך העבודות.  מעט מאד צילומים מקורם במוזיקה או כלי נגינה – אך המורכבות,  הזרימה והמסתורין שאני אוהב במוזיקה מוצאים ביטוי בעבודות כולן.

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  • April 12 to 24, 2018

    Simon Dann


    A Collection of Moments & Seasons

    A photographic exhibition by Simon Dann

    April 12 to 24

    Opening Reception
    Saturday April 14
    11:00am to 3:00pm

  • March 3-17, 2018

    Emmanuel Elkabas-Besnard


    March 3-17, 2018 – du 3 au 17 mars 2018
    Emmanuel Elkabas-Besnard

    Opening: Saturday March 3, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
    Vernissage : samedi 3 mars 14h - 16h

    814 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto – T. 416-658-8814
    My vision of the world is the sum of its colours, and each painting offers me the opportunity to fully relive a prismatic experience. Regardless of the themes explored in my pieces – cityscapes and landscapes, I am mostly fascinated by the effect of light and colour combination.
    Chacune de mes toiles me pousse à rechercher un mariage heureux de couleurs pour partager avec l'Autre ma vision du monde, une vision prismatique et sensorielle.

  • January 13 - 27, 2018

    Holly Briesmaster

    Holly Briesmaster


    January 13 - 27, 2018

    Reception: Saturday, January 20 2:00 - 4:00

    Holly Briesmaster was born in Toronto and received a B.A. in Fine Art from the
    University of Toronto. Afterwards, she was a tour guide for the Art Gallery of
    Ontario and spent a year studying at the University of Leiden, Holland. She has
    exhibited her acrylic and watercolour landscapes and collages in many group
    shows (Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, Art Gallery of Mississauga Juried Show,
    Varley Art Museum in Unionville, and Todmorden Mills in Toronto), and has had
    several solo and duo shows including The Illuminary Art Gallery and Pteros
    Gallery in Toronto, McKay Art Centre in Unionville, and most recently, Gallery
    Hittite in Toronto.

  • January 4 - 12, 2018

    David Swartz


    David Swartz

    Opening reception January 7

    Journey To Nowhere interweaves artistic explorations in painting, sculpture, video and poetry to  create an event isolating the impossible now here experience of art as its ultimate justification and the paradoxes that this raises about the reality of the imaginary.
    Journey to Nowhere is about losing one's way in order to find it; about spreading oneself out into unknown channels without finality.

    Nowhere is a word which normally describes being lost. But nowhere can also be thought of as a kind of homeland or promised land, an authorial utopia of presence and immediacy, a non-place in which infinite conjunctive possibilities hang from the tree of the impossible. Nowhere gives hope to the lost postulates, has no determined body, no termination. Nowhere eschews then and there and affirms now and here, generates the future and the past yet remains forever present.  

    I was search wild
    for the present time;
    where the long spent past
    finds the door-way
    to the future
    open'd wide;
    and I found it right here
    right now -
    in a waking vision
    of a lifesaving smile
    from out the portals
    of your gracious soul,
    that filled my heart
    with the momentary joy
    of present bliss:
    perpetual and eternal
    is a moment like this!

  • November 2-16, 2017

    Monica Hendricks

    Photographs by Monica Hendricks
    OPENING reception Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 2-4:30pm.

  • July 22-291, 2017

    Ma Vie

    Ma Vie

    Paintings by Nicole Guillet

    July 22-29

    Opening reception
    Wednesday July 26 5-8pm

    Nicole began painting in 2014. Her bold use of colour creates rich and almost surreal landscapes, where she draws inspiration from her experiences travelling, as well as from her varied background in upholstery, costume design, ceramics and jewelrymaking.


  • July 4-21, 2017

    Scott Ramsay

    Cuba Bicycle Project

    Photographs by Scott Ramsay

  • June 6-24


    Hillcrest Village Fibreworks presents:


    Textile art explorations by Hillcrest community artists